Better dental decisions for 2018

New Year, New YOU, better dental decisions for 2018.

Bad Breath





Now that 2017 is long gone, we can now focus on the New Year, the new you, a new start or a fresh start; as many would call it. It is YOU, it is your time, it is moment in life where you know that taking care of your oral health is extremely important to you, but when life happens, something gets in between and put s wedge on your schedule, on that phone call that was suppose to happened but never did. Don’t let fear linger and get in between you and that much needed visit. Your first step should be picking up that phone and scheduling that evaluation and cleaning to get started with the right foot.  Whether you need a regular cleaning, a periodontal maintenance or a deep cleaning, don’t let fear get in the way of accomplishing your goals.

Many times we are guided by friends, acquaintances, family members, coworkers or even complete strangers like Google, facebook, Instagram and we tend to believe everything they say about dentistry… The constant negative comments about the doctors, the staff, the actual dental work, sure it has its negative sides and not all doctors are made out to be great and understanding dentist, however; maintenance is always cheaper then neglect.  More often than none, we tend to build up anxiety and stress over nothing.  Going to the dentist shouldn’t be stressful.  We are here for YOU; we are here to answer all your questions, to guide you in the proper direction with options and most importantly with education. Patient education is very important; it is the key to understand how it works and why the services are needed.  You as an individual should be able to make that decision about dental care Flossingor treatment knowing why that is needed. Letting your work and maintenance get passed up only hurts you and your wallet. Yes, your wallet! When you let your treatment go, instead of planning the appointment based on your free time, whether it’s after work, on your day off or on the weekend, the unthinkable happens and it becomes an emergency. What does that mean? That means, you are calling in sick to work and are forced to miss it because of the pain, because the office closes before you get out of work, because the Dr is not available at the most convenient time for you. You lose out on many things but most importantly family time.  You are given heavy medications to combat pain, discomfort, swelling and infection. With all these meds, you are sleepy, tire and don’t want to do anything or see anyone. You lose out on quite a bit.  Not to mention a day or two of pay from calling in to work.

We know that life happens, we know that sometimes it is not fare, however; you have the power to change things, to change the outcome or to prevent it. Let’s make 2018 a better year, for a better you for great oral health and pain free teeth!