Better dental decisions for 2018

New Year, New YOU, better dental decisions for 2018.         Now that 2017 is long gone, we can now focus on the New Year, the new you, a new start or a fresh start; as many would call it. It is YOU, it is your time, it is moment in life where […]

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Know What’s Inside Your Mouth Other Than Teeth!

More than just teeth, your mouth is made up of oral mucosa, gums, upper and lower jaws, tongue, salivary glands, the uvula and the frenulum. These play an important role when it comes to good dental health and should be examined regularly for good oral care. Good oral health is simply not brushing and flossing. […]

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How to Choose a Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth regularly is key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and preventing periodontal (gum) diseases, but it’s also important to make sure you choose the right toothbrush for your teeth and use proper brushing techniques. Here are some other tips to keep in mind when choosing a toothbrush. You’ll want to pick one […]

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Not knowing of Bad Breath

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath.  Most people do have bad breath and no one wants to admit that. Walking around with bad breath is something most people wanted to avoid. Before you can cure bad breath, it is important to tell you have bad breath. Know the signs of Bad Breath: Experts believe that […]

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Nighttime Oral Hygeine

It is just not a day job to keep your teeth strong, gums healthy and a bright smile but your mouth needs protection at night too. The bacteria in the mouth increases while we are sleeping because we are not swallowing. So, night time oral hygiene is important to avoid giving the bacteria anything to […]

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