Not knowing of Bad Breath

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath.  Most people do have bad breath and no one wants to admit that. Walking around with bad breath is something most people wanted to avoid. Before you can cure bad breath, it is important to tell you have bad breath.

Bad Breath

Know the signs of Bad Breath:

Experts believe that a lot can be done to avoid bad breath. Most of the tips are quite simple to follow.

Sleeping with mouth open:

Dry mouth is the main cause for Halitosis. Never sleep with your mouth open as sleeping with your mouth open is a surefire way to dry out mouth.

Smoking or chewing tobacco:

Smoking and chewing tobacco are guaranteed to give bad breath as they decrease the amount of saliva in your mouth. Oxygen in saliva is important to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. It is advisable to quit smoking to avoid bad breath.

White-coated tongue:

White-coated tongue is a predictable sign of bad breath. White coating contains sulphur compounds that cause bad breath.

Gastric reflux:

Acid produced by Gastric reflux is not only uncomfortable but also leads to bad breath which is hard to solve. It is advisable to see a doctor to keep this under control.

Eating suspect foods:

You breathe what you eat is true. Foods like coffee, sugar, milk products, onions, garlic, acidic foods and drinks result in worse bad breath as they create an environment for the bad bacteria to grow. This should be balanced with lots of fruits, vegetables and alkalizing food products.

Certain prescriptions or OTC medication:

As a side effect, many medications cause bad breath. In such situations, you can ask your doctor for alternate medications that might help with the problem.

As now you are aware of the signs of bad breath, here’s a simple trick to test your bad breath.

Wipe the surface of your mouth with a piece of cotton gauze and smell that. If a yellow stain is noticed on the cotton, which is a likely sign for an elevated sulfide production level. Next, lick the back of your hand and allow it to dry for 10 seconds. If an odor is noticed, you have a breath disorder as the sulfur salts from your tongue has transferred to your hand.

The other approach is to take an unbiased opinion from a dentist. Most of the times, people are embarrassed to ask and at times are scared to tell. It is not always easy talking about—-Your mouth is a personal space.